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So you think you have found true love with the new man in your life. Whether you only started dating 2 weeks ago, 2 months ago or 2 years ago – the following list can serve as an affirmative check list for your heart, mind and soul to know that the guy you are with is the one, and you are his one. Let’s break it down into 7 simple signs:

#1. He is Dependable

When he makes a plan with you, he sticks to it no matter what might crop up in his busy day-to-day life.  He makes you feel important to him because you are, you are his priority whether he is picking you up from work at 6pm, meeting up with you for a weekend getaway or attending your Dad’s birthday dinner.  This guy is dependable because you can count on him to be there when you need him to be, not in a needy way, but in a very mutual loving way. Dependability goes hand in hand with reliability and integrity that he shows in other areas of his life.  All of which makes you confident in his actions and words that he will show up to the dinner party you invited him to or that he would come to your rescue if your car broke down on the side of the road one morning as you drove to the gym.

#2. He is Responsible

You can tell that he is a responsible and respectful adult by the way he carries himself personally and professionally in terms of managing his time, his day-to-day errands and scheduling his activities, entertainment and most importantly the dates he wants with you.  If he is on top of his own schedule by asking whether you are free next weekend, he is a definite keeper as he is thinking ahead, making a commitment to be with you well ahead of time and showing that you are a priority in his life that he takes seriously.  At the same time he is displaying his interest in you and wanting to spend more quality time with you as his girlfriend despite the many other commitments he may have with working out, sports, cars and going out with his buddies.

#3. He Makes you Feel Special

He is always keen to give you compliment about your hair, your dress sense or your style every time you meet up for a date.  Of course he finds you extremely attractive and appealing to the eye, and what makes it even better is since he knows that your beauty runs deep he will make a point to notice your new perfume, your radiant smile, or say something about those new boots or that new shade of lipstick you put on midway through your date at the beach.  He makes you feel special by being warm, loving and approachable towards you when behind closed doors and also out in public when walking on the street, along the beach or in a shopping mall.

#4. He is Protective

He is protective towards you as you are his more delicate and feminine significant other that he wants to take care of – making you feel so  loved, cared for, comforted, safe and secure in his arms.  As his special lady, whether it is him walking on the outside of the sidewalk as he wants to protect you from the cars on the road side, or whether it is his manly arms wrapped around you as you walk through the woods – he makes you feel so protected with his infinite tenderness, loving ways and consistent care towards you.  Of course protective is different to possessive, he may make you feel like your his lady but by no means are you his possession or property.

couple#5. He Makes the Effort to Know You

He is a keeper if he takes a genuine interest in your life, whether it is getting to know your circle of friends, meeting your family including your parents, asking about your day-to-day errands and your meal times, encouraging your love for shopping or surprising you with your favorite food, handbag or flower.  He opens up his own personal life, circle of friends and family to you also, as he sees it as a mutual exchange for you to get to know each other intimately and on all levels of life.  It is also a way that you can both determine whether your lifestyles are and will be compatible when it comes to establishing common interests and having fun together.  It enables him to know how he can cheer you up and to read your facial expressions without having to ask if you are okay.

#6. He is a Good Communicator

He is a keeper if he is open and honest in his communication with you, whether it is making plans with or without you, or which female friends he will be meeting up with or whether the grocery store ran out of your preferred shaving cream brand – he is always forthcoming and never hiding anything.  He is fully aware of your past pains, hurt or bad experiences that he will never make you feel sad about them again or give you a reason to worry about something bad ever happening again between the two of you.  It takes a lot of thoughtfulness, consideration and compassion on his part to be an effective and open communicator.  The most fruitful relationships are when both parties make the effort to communicate openly and honestly on every aspect, whether it is trivial, meaningful, day-to-day, petty or critical to the relationship.

#7. He is Strong but Sensitive

It is rare to find a man that is strong yet sensitive, is confident but not arrogant and is driven yet humble.  A man that is balanced, comfortable and confident in his own personality and being is a definite keeper.  He is a man that would be in touch with his deepest emotion, and have full control of his emotions (whether it is frustration, anger or worry) and know how to open up about his feelings.  A man that can talk about his feelings is more of a man than one that chooses to hide his feelings, suppress his anger and pretend to be strong on the surface.  A strong but sensitive man is dependable, protective and manly when needed, and also has full self-control in life whether it is sexually, mentally, emotionally or physically.  He cares to make you happy since he knows if you are happy, he is happy as part of the unconditional love you share.

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