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hawaii flower bannerTake a deep breath.  Inhale slowly, then exhale even more slowly and check in with yourself.  Ask yourself:

  • Do you care more about what other people think about you, your actions and beliefs over what you really feel inside.
  • Is it more important for you to please others ahead of yourself while compromising your inner most thoughts, cravings and desires for a more meaningful life.  It’s time to pause and check in with yourself.

“Authentic Living is the soul made visible.”

Discovering your Authentic Self

Your job title or career status does not define you.  The next time somebody asks “what are you?”, try to answer one of the following instead of your job title, expertise or career path and see what kind of reaction you get from them: “I am human”, “I am a man” (versus woman), “I am awesome” or better still “I am happy”.

At 4 years old, we are put into an education system that aims to make us conform to society’s ideologies, rules, stigmas and expectations.  Who gave the society, government, corporations and politicians permission to own your life?  To tell you what to think, teach you their beliefs, their fundamentals, their ideas and expressions.  To spawn financial bankers, farm the next wave of political puppets and groom more medical staff to sell the big pharma medicine for profits and not because it actually cures the condition or dysfunction.

What about the innate creativity that every child is born with, what about your natural born talents of art, music, writing or public speaking?  And what about learning humanity skills such as humility, compassion and unconditional love?  Did you have a natural love for music and art growing up that you were forced to suppress?  Did you ever ask your parents why society is the way it is, and why life is full of drudgery, survival and such separation.

hayden hapyBring Back your Inner Child

We all had the childhood innocence that would leave grown ups in awe, smiling from cheek to cheek because of your cute talking, funny face or giggle.  Tonight when you go to bed, just before you doze off into never never land, try to spend 5 minutes remembering some of those best childhood memories, reminiscing on how it used to feel without a care in the world.  You had no idea of fear, abandonment, war, pain, greed or separation.

“Nostalgia is similar to attaining a high, a trip from a psychedelic drug.  Because it enables us to tap into our right-brain hemisphere memory bank and emotions.  Nostalgia can refuel our senses from the past e.g. that beautiful scent from the cherry blossom bush in the garden of your childhood home, that song your parents played to rock you to sleep or the freshly baked banana bread your mom used to make, piping hot out of the oven.”

Living and Working Authentically

When you look in the mirror what do you see?  Are you truly happy with the way things are going in your life?  Is your life pleasantly balanced between good health, love in your life, having fun, establishing a relaxing home environment and working a job or career that you are passionate about?  Do you find that you are up half the night thinking creative thoughts, innovative passions and strategies about life?

The perfect job or career is when you can combine your ultimate passions for life with your professional skill set, since you spend > 9 hrs a day with it you might as well enjoy it naturally! It’s out there, now go find it and just live it!  That’s the key to being happy in your working and professional life, by doing some self discovery about what it is that you enjoy, are passionate about and to tap into your natural born creativity.

We all have it, we are born with an innate creativity because we are a product of God’s creativity and unconditional love – God’s language of design is arithmetic, geometry, musical notes and vibrations also known as FREQUENCY.

That childhood innocence you felt when you were 8, that fearless love for life and enjoying those natural gifts of art, music, design, photography, dancing, drawing and more were ways in which your true soul and inner creativity was expressed, that was before we were programmed and conditioned by society, systems, parents, education, teachers and politicians.  The fact that music, art and performing arts have a way of connecting people by sharing emotions and common feelings are all very powerful ways of exchanging our consciousness with one another as part of our ability to come together and unite as one.

We are all Co-creators of our Lives, once we realize our inner strength, and that the answer to everything lies within you – then you will find an amazing feeling of freedom with no limitation, and the infinite possibilities of your natural born creativity.

Authentic Living with your Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit

Do you ever feel conflicted between the mind and body, your mind thinks one thing but your body wants the other?  Finding it difficult to make life decisions because you feel unsettled and conflicted in your own skin?

“Precious One, how about you surrender your life to spirit and let your heart solve this conflict between the mind and the body.”

~Pink Tiger Lily


The mind comes from a place of fear, overwhelm, worry, anger, depression, misery, instant gratification and ego. 
The body is a reflection of your innermost feelings manifesting in the internal and external physical body, organs, skin, body systems and cycles. 
The heart comes from a place of truth, light, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, knowing, intuition and discernment. 
The spirit is simply waiting to be unleashed through your creative outlets and expressions of voice, singing, healing, art, writing or music creations.

5 Step Guide to Finding your Authentic Self

1. Take a break from your busy hectic lifestyle and go on a mini getaway with yourself and for yourself.  Go to the closest mountain, lake or nature setting to find solitude.  Solitude is different to “being lonely”, one can be very content and fulfilled in solitude since you are becoming intimate with you, your being, your essence, listening to your inner voice.

2. Think back to when you were 5 years old before you started school.  Then when you were a 9 year old student at school – were you confused by some of the school’s teachings but you never asked to clarify because you were told that asking questions was wrong, that having a voice was bad.  Now when you were 15 years old and you are about to choose your life career’s path.  How scary, that decision would effect the rest of your entire life!

promo ad3. Now imagine that you didn’t choose the path that you took to get you where you are today.  In life, love and work – what if you had moved out of your home town when you turned down that opportunity when you were 22 years old?  What if you had married your first love when you were 18 years old?  What if you didn’t move to the city with your family when you were 10 years old?  Try to recall what little things in life that made you feel naturally and organically happy in your childhood years?  It could be as simple as fresh clean sheets out of the dryer, having a laugh with your brother and his friends, watching a home movie with your loved ones.

4. Begin to detach from all material things, your belongings and possessions.  Realize that they are objects and physical materials that you have accumulated because of humanity’s consumer culture.  The whole concept of owning more material possessions will make you happy and fulfilled is a complete lie.  Less IS more, owning these possessions will end up owning you, weighing you down with excessive baggage and financial responsibilities that prevent you from living a free life with no limitations.  The house that you pay the mortgage for but will never technically own in this lifetime because of the “death bond”.  Is it truly a home, does it have that warm spirit?  Is it worth the sacrifice of your 40 hour work week in exchange for the quality time that you could have with your loved ones just so that you can pay off the bills for your name on the title?

“Home is where the heart is” does not necessary mean it is in the four walls you call home – it is a state of being.  The same way, happiness is not a destination, it is a state of being that comes from inside.  You can be just as happy with your spouse on a never ending road trip called life – with no real certainty on where you will be sleeping every night.  But the beauty is being allowed to just live in the moment and embrace life for what it is.  Going with the flow, sleeping in a tent one night, then a luxury hotel for the next week and a cabin in the woods for the next 2 months – makes for a more enjoyable life that you are consciously living – now that feels like home!

5. Start to revive your past childhood creative spirit, your love for music, drawing, writing or dancing.  Your inner spirit is waiting to be unleashed.   Ask yourself what you would be doing with your life if you didn’t need to earn money to live.  Would you continue your role as Doctor because you love being compassionate to your patients, would you continue your role as Teacher because you like to make a positive difference to the children in our world, would you continue to be the Culinary Chef that you are because you treat cooking like an art, making something soul food out of nothing that has been driven from love.

Creativity is a flow of moments in time when the creative forces and energy come together for that particular instant – poetry, lyrics, a music collaboration between individuals, a vision that is realized, defined and mapped, be it a sketch, schematic, wireframe, storyboard or body of work ready for publishing.

Ask Pink Tiger Lily about how you can find your authentic true self.  It’s time for change!

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