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We all know too well that life can literally pass you by at a mile a minute and get extremely busy that before you know it 5 years can pass by in a flash, or you wake up one day to look in the mirror and find your 45 year old self staring back at you as you wonder where all those years went.


Now pause for a minute before you become your typical judgmental and critical self as you wonder what you have achieved, accomplished or done with the four decades that have escaped you…

“Why haven’t I found Mr Right yet?”

“I feel like a failure as a woman because I haven’t had children yet”

“I never made it to VP on the corporate ladder.”

“I didn’t get to buy that mansion on Park Royal Mountain”

“I never lost that extra weight before I was in my 30s”

“I didn’t buy that Ferrari before I hit 40”

Stop the scrutiny, stop these negative limited beliefs, these what if and what could have been regretful thought patterns!  Can you ask yourself one truthful underlying question as you reflect on your life…

Have you been living an authentic and conscious life filled with many fruitful new experiences, ever lasting memories and eye-opening life lessons?


Does your life memories bring you joy, laughter and nostalgic love?

Is there something stopping you from feeling your greatest?  A worry, a past trauma, a creative block or certain individual in your life that is disrupting the peace, harmony and that happy feeling of loving life to it’s fullest?

Can you rise above the drama, stress and day-to-day challenges to the bigger picture, the end-game or that ultimate purpose of life?

Have you been giving and receiving love freely in all your social circles or have you been holding back through fear of getting hurt?

3 Tips on How to Be Gentle to Yourself by LifeSense


  1. Stop being so critical when looking in the mirror every morning.  The next time you see yourself in a mirror, how about you tell yourself how much you love your eyes, your skin complexion or beautiful smile?  Embrace your inner beauty both inside and out.  => Identify 3 physical assets or personality traits that you are grateful for having?
  2. Love, forgive, accept and be thankful for YOU.  The next time you are day dreaming, pondering or doing some introspection and stumble on a memory, worry, past hurt or limiting belief – don’t just sweep it under the carpet, instead why not process the unresolved feeling in a healthy way?  Instead of letting it stay suppressed within your physical and emotional body causing dis-ease – why not release it into the universe so that it doesn’t stop you from being your true greatness.  => Affirm with the following Hawaiian shaman self-healing technique of “I Love You.  I Forgive You.  I Am Sorry.  Thank You” to acknowledge the life lesson as just that so it doesn’t accumulate into karmic debt or negative feelings.
  3. Stop caring about what other people think.  Live your own authentic life because you want to.  Be sure to differentiate between living your own authentic and original life path rather than living the life that your parents expect of you, or that you think your best friend wants or because of that illusion of society’s idealism pressure.  The next time you are about to make a decision on what to eat, take that next step in your career or buy that Mercedes Benz – pause and check in with yourself.  Ask yourself why you are choosing to eat that salad, and for whom you are working that 40 hr work week and why you want the Mercedes status symbol.

Allow yourself to simply be in the moment.  To sit in silence and literally check in with your body, mind and heart feelings.

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