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What Created the Fear Bubble?

Did you know that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real?  Fear is the underlying negative motivator for a number of other negative emotions including Guilt, Worry, Anger, Resentment, Overwhelming, Hatred, Separation and Impatience.
That’s right, FEAR is just an illusion…something that the mind (ego) has drawn up as a virtual safety panic room for your mind, body and spirit to live within.

Apparently safe and secure, within your own survival instincts and beliefs that seem to protect you from the perceived “harmful” outside world and “dangerous” humanity of people that cannot be trusted.

It is highly likely that an experience in one’s early childhood created the fear bubble in the first place.  This initial experience or set of experiences could come down to a combination of the following:  one’s religious upbringing, parenting dynamic, sibling favoritism, being forced to do something against your will, or being branded, blamed and scolded by parents, teachers or authority figures.  These early childhood years “composite programming” could plant the seeds of one’s worthiness, control dramas, misplaced guilt, pleasing others or feeling embarrassed or hurt.

Fear is the Illusion of Separation from a United Mankind

In the grander scheme of things, your mind has invented this out of protection for your own separate identity and individuality however, the raw truth is that you are part of and the sum of all the collective consciousness of all living beings and thoughts that exists outside of yourself, but which are also driven from within you as part of the laws of attraction and reflection as you live in this false sense of security that you call your comfort zone.


Are you having trouble breaking free from the fear bubble that you have been born into by means of the system, society, child development programming, inside the box schooling and the fearful limitations that have been set by your adult influences in your childhood years?


Do you even realize that you are living automatically and unconsciously without any true purpose, passion or zest for life?  Do you feel that you are on your destined path of life?  Are you living your dreams as a reality or has the reality of life taken it’s toll on you emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually?

Therefore resulting in a blockage energetically, emotionally and mentally whereby you feel you are stagnating and going around in circles with no real progress or living dynamically as life was meant to be lived.  Stifling your true creativity, ability to use your imagination and go beyond the false limitations that have been set by your mind’s safety net.

How to Break Free from the Fear Bubble?

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”

~ John Lennon

You may have heard that the mind is the ego.  Typically your mind comes from a place of ego, fear, worry, overwhelm, limitation and scarcity because of the way it has been heavily programmed by society since we were 5 – 15 years of age.  Half of the battle is being able to reverse these limited beliefs that prevent us from opening our mind completely to infinite possibilities and to a freedom without limitations.

  1. Be mindful to your inner thoughts, judgements, ways of thinking and verbally expressing how you are feeling.  Be true to your feelings and emotions, becoming transparent with your inner thoughts and cravings rather than letting the ego put up a wall of protection, insincerity and false pretense called a “front”.  Many use meditation techniques or mindful exercises like square breathing or deep thinking techniques.
  2. Observe and acknowledge the raw feeling as thoughts and childhood control dramas for what they are: anger, frustration, worry, resentment, self-hatred, pain, hurt and disrespect – and being able to release them in a controlled fashion (screaming, beating a punching bag, running for miles, banging your fists or pushing against a wall) with a positive outlet so that these suppressed feelings can be released for good never to be seen again.  After all, the mind is the brains, is the “controller” so through mind over matter, the mind can be the positive force for when your body is feeling low, fatigue and dysfunctional.
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    3. Stop the negative thinking, and turn it into positive.  Transmuting negative thinking, emotions and feelings into positive outlooks e.g. “I hate it when it rains because it makes me gloomy and I can’t go outside to do things” is such a negative and limiting belief that can be changed into “I like it when it rains here because the trees need water to keep it looking lush, on a rain day I can snuggle up on the couch with a warm cup of cocoa and a nice book.”
    4. Stop blaming yourself, stop being hard on yourself.  No more self criticizing or judgements – change these destructive thought patterns into positive affirmations, praises and acknowledgements of gratitude and blessings.  Come from a place of abundance, love and openness rather than from a place of scarcity, resentment and closed mindfulness.  Begin to love yourself unconditionally, and accept who you are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually without judgement.  Understand that everything that has happened in your life up until this point has happened for a reason, has brought you to where you are today.
    5. Learn when to be appropriately quiet, and when to be vocal.  Verbally expressing one’s mind takes energy, and also has a significant cause and effect impact on the people around you and your surroundings.  That said, sometimes SILENCE IS GOLDEN.  Saying Less IS More.  If you do not have something positive to say, it is best to say nothing rather than to start up or enter into a negative confrontation.  Internally you can process the feeling in a healthy fashion.  Being calm and composed requires self control, integrity and solidarity.  On the flip side to that, sometimes it is necessary for you to express yourself verbally because the outcome would be so fruitful and beneficial to those around you.

Now that you have clarity because your mind’s thoughts are driven from love and not fear, your angle of perception has become that much wider, almost like a big picture aerial view of scenarios in your day-to-day life.  Looking at some of these tense situations from 10,000 feet gives it a whole new perspective in the grand scheme of things and in the context of the greater good.

Once you overcome your greatest fear in life, you can begin to feel a freedom like no other, the infinite possibilities of where your life can take you begin to open up, as you expand your perspective and go beyond the limitations and boundaries that kept you small and entrapped.  BREAK THIS FEAR PATTERN ONCE AND FOR ALL SO THAT YOU CAN FREE YOUR MIND AND OPEN YOUR HEART TO LIFE, TO LOVE AND LIGHT!

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