Relax and Unwind

Life gets so busy it’s quite easy to forget these two 5 letter words – R E L A X and U N W I N D. If you don’t take the time to put yourself first for a change, to unwind properly after a hard day at that demanding…
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Sports can Bring Unity

There is enough animosity and separation in the world that if there wasn't any sports to lighten things up, to bring people together through healthy competition - this world would be a very sad, boring, hopeless and dark place. "Sports should be accessible to anyone that wants to participate, play…
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Kauai is Heaven

Kauai sits on top of the lost Lemuria land, which was once the centre of the Earth’s core many billions of years ago at the times of the first civilizations on Mother Earth.  Wailua sits on top of the portal, the most wettest part of the Earth, it forms the…
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Serenity of Santorini

Santorini is currently the most popular Greek island destination and is one of the most magical islands of Greece that cannot be missed. Santorini is the remnants of an enormous volcanic eruption that occurred over 3600 years ago which have formed a cluster of volcanic islands in a circular crescent…
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