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LifeSense brings you the Causes of Endometriosis, Fibroids and Estrogen Dominance having conducted various research and studies trials and errors for the past 10 years.  This list of Causes can arm you so that you can be educated for your daughter, your wife, your sister or mother to help her prevent the condition from showing up in her life, or in most cases too late so to manage and overcome the condition if it is already pervasive in her life.



There is so much stigma surrounding the whole Female Reproductive System, periods and moon cycle stereotypes, child-bearing jokes and a woman’s role in the home and the world that it makes the woman feel like they have to suffer in silence and not ask for help from their partners, family, friends or coworkers/bosses.

Ignore the Social Stigma, Know your Self-Worth as a Woman

The social stigma can be quite damaging to the sufferer since it can become a very lonely place and a deeply unsupported time of the month.  Some very aggressive social views believe “that women should be able to handle that level of pain since it is the price we pay for being able to reproduce and therefore have to have periods”.  Much like those social political views of a “woman’s place is in the home”, etc.

How cruel to think such a thing!  That a woman should be expected to tolerate this as part of her femininity.  The pain of child-birth alone is not something to wish on your enemy yet alone your wife, friend or sister.

The pain of endometriosis can be described and compared to that of two cold knives being stabbed into both ovaries from the back and front of the body and twisted with such violent force for good measure…OUCH just doesn’t cut it.

Causes of Endometriosis and Estrogen Dominance

An imbalance in the Body due to Stress, Food/Environmental Toxins and Emotional Discomfort that is left unresolved and continues to accumulate in the most vulnerable areas of a woman’s body – uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, breasts, etc.

The toxins that have entered the body are endocrine disruptors that literally disrupt your 7 endocrine glands.  Meaning that they impact the body’s natural rhythms, cycles, temperature regulation and immune system to be able to effectively restore balance and eliminate these foreign substances from the body.

Prevention Measures for Mothers and Daughters in the Home

Stop the Overkill of Killer Vaccinations for your Children

Only you know what is good for your body, and therefore only you know what is good for your child’s body.  So why would you believe that just because big pharma advises you to get your baby or child vaccinated, then you should?


Get educated on what is in the vaccination and immunization before you allow that needle to touch your son or daughter.  In most of these vaccinations, though there may be some immunization content for the predefined flu, virus, disease or condition – there are unknown harmful levels of heavy metals, neurotoxins and foreign chemicals that the body cannot handle.

The long term effects of the flu vaccine have not been documented or acknowledged by the medical industry for you to know that the benefit outweighs the risk and vice versa.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaners Alert!

Mothers, please do not allow your daughter to clean the kitchen or bathroom with household cleaners that are laced with synthetic chemicals and harmful toxins without at least taking the necessary precautions of wearing a mask, rubber gloves and overalls. 

Your daughter’s body and endocrine glands may be in such a vulnerable state during her puberty years that even breathing in chemicals, pollutants and toxins outside of the house can have a negative impact to her body’s natural rhythms, systems and immunity.


If anything try to replace these harmful chemical household cleaners for the benefit of everyone in your home with the natural alternatives such as Essential Oil cleaner sprays, Lemon, Vinegar and Baking Soda.

Beware of Fluoride and Residual Hormones in Tap Water!

Please check the source of your tap water, ask your local city council to explain the water system to you as it is your sovereign right to know.  Find out whether the water is fluoridated for one since it is probably a closed loop water system which means the water gets recycled from the sewage system back into the reservoirs that are then treated.  Fluoride when consumed in water or toothpaste is a neurotoxin that can be harmful to the endocrine glands and create havoc to the body’s natural systems.


Another hidden danger in the water is the residue of hormones that have leaked off from the sewage system that does not get specifically filtered out.  The source of these hormones are typically from the urine from women who do take the contraceptive pill, but also from the excessive synthetic hormones xenoestrogens that are pervasive in the food, drugs and environment.

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