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The Cruelty of Society Towards those with Depression

Forget about all that negative stigma that surrounds that taboo word – DEPRESSION, whether it stems from an emotional disorder, mental block or imbalance, psychological trauma or something more serious.  It is a big shame that society creates such stigma and treats those with depression as some contagious and viral disease like scurvy that is perceived as “self-inflicted” or brought on by the sufferer’s lack of strength, will and courage to seize life but to be honest, WHO ARE THEY TO JUDGE ANOTHER LIKE THAT?

“Anger is energizing although it may be seen as a negative and volatile emotion.  However, DEPRESSION is ANGER TURNED INWARD because it has nowhere else to go – and at it’s worst leaving the victim feeling lost, empty and without a reason to live.”

Depression goes way beyond just mental health.  And suicides are happening much more often than we know, or that the media reports.  It is our place not to judge those that have taken their lives.  Read more about how to spot the signs of depression in the people around you, loved ones, friends and strangers!


These people in society that are cruel and continue to judge those who are depressed from the comfort of their own happy lives could not be more wrong and the lack of compassion for those that suffer from depression is extremely sad.

More People Suffer from Depression than you Know

Depression is such an all-encompassing condition or state of being that includes some of the most common dysfunctions and disorders that plague 60% of those in both the developed and developing countries alike.  It is not a condition of the “rich and famous”, “lonely housewives” or those with “too much time on their hands” – it is a serious disorder that effects everyone that has gone through heartbreak and pain whether it is losing a loved one, being betrayed or abandoned.  A person who is depressed does not need to be diagnosed as a clinical depressed to know that they are feeling down.


Feeling depressed even for one day, one hour or one year is in itself a QUIET CRY FOR HELP for someone to simply listen with empathy and hold space for this person so that they can feel empowered once again and recover from the pain, hurt, regret, self-hatred and guilt that has been suppressed but which begins to show itself in fear-driven patterns in the person’s current life.

“Did you know that a staggering 60% of the general adult population suffer from mild to severe depression whether it is acutely or chronically?  For most, they suffer in silence, in shame and in complete isolation.  The pain may not be physical but so heartbreaking and gut-wrenching that it is the only thing that reminds the victim that they are alive.”

Going Beyond Western Medicine

Western medicine has an official label for DEPRESSION as if it is primarily a physical condition called clinical depression and a patient is typically prescribed medication such as Prozac and Xanax that suppresses the physical and mental symptoms.   Unfortunately, this medication blindly creates even more negative side effects that basically leave the victim feeling completely numb emotionally to the point of not being able to feel anything, feeling even more confused, foggy and helpless and literally even more blah mentally, physically low with very little will to open their eyes, eat or to go outside.  If anything, western medication isolates the victim even further as they become recluse, embarrassed and feel that they are a burden to their loved ones and friends breeding further self-hatred, shame and guilt.  LifeSense can help you overcome depression through natural methods and making drastic but positive lifestyle changes.


The root of Depression runs very deep indeed – it’s like peeling several layers of an onion to get to the centrepiece that contains the key to one’s heart so that it can be opened once again.

“Depression is the result of someone that has become overwhelmed by LIFE, by childhood developmental traumas, multiple heartbreaks from relationships, countless emotional hurts and the feeling of not being worthy of LOVE for themselves or another person.  To the point that the mind has convinced the heart to close up as a way to protect itself, while the feeling of hopelessness, despair and fear digs a deeper hole that one cannot climb out of.”

Predominantly it is how one values themselves, how worthy one feels, and whether they feel they deserve to be happy as they are completely dis-empowered by the countless heartaches, pains, hurt and disappointments by themselves and others in their life.

They suffer in silence and in isolation most of the time, and for some others sadly continue to live in constant anxiety, fear, trauma, self blame and despair having lost all hope, love, light and joy in their life.


Find out how LifeSense can help you Break Free from the Fear Bubble and  come out of the darkness into the light so that you can overcome your past hurt experiences properly so that you can begin to live an authentic, happy and fruitful life once again.

To get you started, why not read the following articles under the Inspire category to refuel your will to live free without pain and to your full potential.  Schedule a Life Strategy Session one-on-one in person or remotely so that you can be guided, supported and walked through your entire life’s pains while the Coach holds space for you to release those suppressed emotions and hurt in a healthy manner.  After just a few sessions with the LifeSense Coach, and you will begin to get the clarity you need and be able to feel whole again!  To feel lighter and to experience a freedom to live without any limitation.  OWN YOUR GREATNESS :)

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