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Take a breath for a moment.  Are you a Career Woman who is starting to feel a little run down by life?  Or is your Wife showing signs that she is overwhelmed by life’s fast pace?  Is your Sister suffering in silence on a monthly basis but never shares her problems with you?  Are you the primary caregiver for your Spouse who has a chronic pain condition?

There are a list of Estrogen Dominance conditions that effect 20% of our female general population and 30% of these women of a child-bearing age – which is a high statistic considering the amount of women that are in your circle of family and friends.

Estrogen Dominance effects 30% of the Child-Bearing Population of Women but what about the ones that don’t speak out but choose to suffer in silence?

Western medicine does not have an idea on the cause or the cure, it doesn’t even have a grasp on proactive prevention so that a woman does not need to suffer from such debilitating conditions on a monthly basis.  Among this list of Estrogen Dominance conditions are:

  • Endometriosis

  • Adenomyosis

  • Fibroids

  • Ovarian Cysts

  • Thyroid Imbalances

  • PCOS

  • Breast Cancer

  • Ovarian Cancer

  • Uterine Cancer

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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All of these conditions and dysfunctions are chronic pain dysfunctions as a result of an accumulation of foreign and toxic substances that have entered the body but which the body cannot process and release.  These chronic pain dysfunctions are impacted by inflammation in the body, some of which actually sends the immune system into overdrive proving to be heavily taxing to your Heart, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys and other major organs.

Auto-immunity disorders and Inflammation flare ups are usually triggered by endocrine disruptions that have entered the body in the form of Stress Hormones (physical, emotional and mental), Xenoestrogens in Food and Environment (external synthetic and foreign estrogen mimickers) and the pH level of Acidic/Alkaline in the Blood Stream on a day-to-day basis (due to Food, Water Hydration Levels and Digestion Activity).

Western Medicine only offers synthetic drugs and chemicals that can suppress the symptoms temporarily through the use of OTC drugs, anti-histamines, hormone replacement and contraceptive medication.  However, in most cases of Estrogen Dominance, this can cause even more havoc (that goes unnoticed by the Doctor and Medical Staff) since the contraceptive pill, IUD and the like contain synthetic estrogen levels that the body just cannot process and even more so when there is already an excess of bio estrogen in the body.  Western Medicine does not have a cause or cure for these Estrogen Dominance and Auto-Immune Disorders and does not prioritize enough funding to find the root cause.  The only answer from Western Medicine is to offer invasive surgeries as a last resort to remove these excessive hormone growths that develop in the Female Reproductive System and/or cysts, muscular masses and tumours in the throat, stomach or pelvis.  However, they fail to remember that even having surgery itself, causes an immense amount of stress to the body, and also aggravates the pH balance of the blood stream because of inflammation and creates severe distress and anxiety for the already low-resourced woman who has to carry this burden monthly and in some cases throughout her entire life.

What Western Medicine will Not Tell You

Endometriosis and other estrogen dominance conditions are caused by a number of key factors and variables whereby toxins enter the body and create major endocrine disruption:

Stress, Exercise, Diet/Nutrition and Environmental

that pertain to your lifestyle which if you didn’t have this susceptibility as the weaker gender and have to feel like taking on the burden of life alone, you could probably find the strength inside to overcome because you would be in an optimal state of health and well-resourced mentally, emotionally and physically.

One aspect that will never make it on to the Medical radar that is highly necessary in the prevention and cure of these conditions is LOVE.

Not just receiving the love and support of your significant other, family and friends but most of all LOVING and HONOURING your own body, your own needs, your own wants and desires.

Underlying the factors of Stress, Exercise, Diet and Environmental is BALANCE in BODY, MIND, HEART and SPIRIT.


LifeSense would like to bring compassion, relief and support in helping you or your wife, sister, daughter or mother overcome a chronic estrogen dominance or auto-immune system dysfunction naturally, through the use of effective massage therapy techniques and discoveries, sharing the findings from LifeSense research magazine on natural food alternatives and nature’s “farmacy”.  LifeSense Magazine has countless of positive lifestyle changes that you can make to get your body, mind and spirit back in balance without the need for synthetic drugs, invasive surgeries that leave you drowning in the fear, vulnerability and darkness that these conditions can create.




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