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Remember what it was like to feel that pure childhood innocence?

That organic happiness, that unconditional love you felt or that unexplainable natural high back in the day. That Feel Good Factor, that feeling you get when you come across a particular food that used to eat and enjoy as a child, or stumble on a special song that brings up a nostalgic memory or that unique piece of fun you used to have with a childhood friend is all so distant now.

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These feelings of Childhood Innocence, Natural Born Creativity and Inner Passion are trying to breakthrough the barriers of modern life idealogy, limitations set by your mind, society, and the boundaries and judgements set by parents, teachers and mentors in your life.

Where do these feelings come from you wonder?


Once you realize that we are more than just a human body and awaken to the idea that we are in fact a spiritual entity currently incarnate in a “physical” human body current on the material physical Earth – these many pre-defined boundaries, perceived limitations and unknown fears can then be overcome and you can begin to feel a FREEDOM WITH NO LIMITATIONS that can change your life’s perspective.


1. Spend 20 minutes in your busy day to think about 3 things in your life – on your drive home from work, on the subway train going to the gym or in the line-up at the grocery store.

Ask yourself how do I really feel today? Am I completely fulfilled in my life as it is right now? Are you living the life that you dreamed about when you were 7 years old?

2. Begin to structure your thoughts and introspection answers into 5 categories: Love & Friendship, Work, Home, Health and Fun.

And start to write down any gaps, wants, needs, goals and dreams that fall into these individual categories.

3. Compare where your life is right now, and the number of issues and gaps you have identified with your ultimate passions for life.

For example: are you happy in your current job? Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled by your current partner? IS your environment and lifestyle adequate and in balance for what you need in your life? Is your health, fitness and eating habits under control or are you unconsciously eating just because you are hungry, or not getting your much needed regularly exercise?

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4. Put together a “ME FIRST” plan that helps you pay attention to the 5 categories of your life and allows you to balance you life out across all spheres equally.

If you identify something out of balance, don’t be afraid to initiate change, no matter how minor, major or drastic it may be!

– 20% of your energy should be focused on working on your love life, determine whether the person you are with actually complements your lifestyle, completes you and feels that void of your other half on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

– 20% should be focused on finding a more meaningful job that allows you to enjoy your passions while getting paid to do it,that allows you to stop complaining about your job and has you dreading work on Sunday night.

– 20% should be focused on creating an environment where you can find peace, retreat and time to rejuevenate your energy,

– 20% should be focused on assessing your health and wellness – ensuring those lifestyle variables of stress, nutrition and exercise are under control.

– 20% should be spent on doing the activities that you enjoy, relaxing with your favorite book or movie, playing a piece of music, going out with friends or traveling to your dream destinations


5. Now that you are aware of what you need to do, take a logical and systematic approach to executing these changes as you would with your latest project set by your boss.

Be sure to make the “ME FIRST” plan a priority for you, don’t dismiss it because of the day-to-day challenges that will soon become irrelevant in the grander scheme of things. You are the creative director and producer of your own life – so set your own personal projects and make them your up most priority.

6. You will naturally find yourself drawn towards a more balanced lifestyle

that will include eating well, getting restful sleep, breathing better (meditation), getting effective exercising and more importantly realize that you are in full control of how you want to spend your most treasured commodity being your TIME and the TOOLS/RESOURCES (money, materials, objects, assets) you possess on this project called “Life’s Journey”.

7. Forget that cliche saying of the “mid-life crisis” as it is not a crisis,

but more so a self-realization necessity that every 30 year old should undertake to ensure that their life is on track the way that they REALLY wanted, and not because other external factors or people “got in the way”. You all deserve to live a more meaningful life, and for you to own your TIME and to create your own unique life experiences that make you a better person by giving compassionate love to other living beings and sharing the beauty and natural resources that Mother Earth gives us.


Your Happy Place is more than a random thought that you come across when things get crazy or tense in life, or that place that you escape to in tough times. It is in fact your born human right, your soul’s “default setting”, your inner most creativity is trying to breakthrough the barriers as your natural tendency to dream is meant to be your reality. Now you know, go get it – reclaim your life!

Allow yourself to simply be in the moment.  To sit in silence and literally check in with your body, mind and heart feelings.

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