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Food Synergy is a fairly new concept in healthy and wholesome eating.  

It speaks to the fact that the minerals, acid or alkaline, vitamins and oils that are in certain foods become more effective when eaten with other nutrient dense foods.  For example cooking fresh tomatoes with the skin on speed up the nutrients in the tomato to be fortified when being digested.  Also eating Brussel sprouts with another crucifous vegetable such as kale makes the level of indole 3 carbinol that much potent which is generally good for the body in helping all biological systems to remain  functional and balanced as it neutralizes the toxins that have entered the body through other less nutritious processed foods.

This food synergy happens on a micro and macro level since your body is made up of large body parts, mango sized organs and molecular blood cells. 

Take a steak that is grilled on the BBQ,  with the amount of carcinogens that are formed as a result of the high heat cooking, these toxins can otherwise be neutralized by using fresh herbs such as thyme, rosemary or parsley throughout the marinating, cooking and eating process.  These herbs serve two purposes of neutralizing to prepare the digestive system for easier digestion as well as making the steak taste better. 

Take another very popular favorite, the infamous fries.  If cooked from a freshly cut potato, in a healthy oil such as avocado oil, and all excess oil drained off with paper towel, and using Himalayan sea salt and fresh rosemary to season during and after cooking  – it makes it that much healthier and safer to eat because of the carcinogens that have been neutralized by the herb.  Now eating those fries with steamed broccoli will allow the indole 3 carbinol to help digest the fries and make the fries less violating to the body.

Food Synergy Over Ingredient Exclusions

Micro food synergy is sometimes more important than the actual ingredients being consumed.  Some people eat all their vegetables first, and then the steak and then the potatoes in their plate in that sequence which may work for them  – however it is more effective for your body’s digestive system and all the enzymes to be ready for you to eat a bit of vegetable, steak and potato all on the same fork and in the same mouthful.   To chew and taste the forkful at least 7 times before swallowing in order that your palate can prepare for smooth digestion and nutrient dense distribution.

Tonight’s delicious menu: Montreal steak spice with kalbi sauce marinated steak, sweet soya sauce and sesame oil glazed Brussel sprouts with kale and salt n pepper shaked fries.   Yummers!

Allow yourself to simply be in the moment.  To sit in silence and literally check in with your body, mind and heart feelings.

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