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​It’s another fresh new year and you are now one year wiser but have you been wavering back and forth at the crossroads of your life for quite some time now?  Was 2016 a pretty rough and tough year for you?  Leaving you depleted and simply craving for it to end it’s chaotic and turmoil shenanigans?  What about the many musicians and celebrities that went home too soon?


Are you blocked energetically, stuck emotionally or is your creativity simply stifled and you don’t know why?

Beware of those negative thinkers and naysayers who dreambust your aspirations and drain your energy for they are unaware.   

Surround yourself with those people that uplift you with their positive attitudes of gratitude, empowering you with sincere hope and abundance. 

A Lifestyle Change or Shift in Thinking is Needed

How about your new years resolution being the need for positive change in your life in 2017?

With every new year comes an opportunity to turn the page, close the chapter on the past that no longer serves you and to embrace the need for a fresh new change of uplifting energy that a new year brings.

Maybe you had that end of year wake up call aha moment or experienced the sudden loss of a loved one where you looked back on your life with multiple regrets of past hurt sayings of “I shoulda woulda coulda”.  With every new year’s day, it’s always healthy to take that classic approach of “out with the old and in with the new” in all areas of your life.  It’s recommended that you reflect on the previous year and get rid of any emotional baggage, limiting thought patterns and dense energies that weighed you down preventing you from living your truth and reaching your full creative potential.

The Mind versus Body Conflict

Is your mind saying one thing while your heart is wrestling with a past hurt, pain, guilt, regret or suppressed emotion?  Are you stuck in a dark rut, depression, feeling blocked, or lacking inspiration? For some reason your only solace is to turn to excessive alcohol consumption, drug addiction or eating comfort foods to handle unresolved emotions and suppressed feelings?

Meanwhile your body is aching with a persistent elbow and knee joint pain, lower back discomfort or you suffer from those monthly migraines and headaches?

Need something more than your over the counter Tylenol and Advil painkillers?  Do they seem to be making you feel numb, blah and without emotion?

It’s time to find more sustainable and alternative natural remedies for your physical ailments and to make positive lifestyle changes that you can make to begin your path to healing.

Can you hear that little inner voice prompting your mind and pulling at your heart strings signaling to your body that change is needed?

Once you become awakened by a sudden life changing event, a tragic situation, near death experience or a wake up call, it is very much like a light just went on and for once you have a glimpse into the clarity of what your life is truly about. For that split moment you can see your past, present and future all intertwined and it’s as if you know that things will never be the same again. In fact they would be significantly different but all for the better as you actually realize that your life has an underlying purpose and that you want to live it fully and with meaning! This little seed of light that just got planted is awaiting that defining moment when your conscious and sub-conscious mind both come to the same conclusion that change is needed.

It’s Time to Take Drastic Measures?

Perhaps you need to make some drastic changes.  Like making a significant life change of out with the old or everything that no longer serves you presently.  Perhaps a new home, new job, change of scenery, new friends or finding new creative outlets that nurture you from inside and out.

After all, your job title does not define you.  Your spouse is your other half, but in order for you to feel complete and at peace with the flow of life – you need to feel wholeness and contentment with yourself first.  Love yourself – accept your body, mind, heart and spirit unconditionally and without any judgement or criticism.

Allow yourself to simply be in the moment.  To sit in silence and literally check in with your body, mind and heart feelings.

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