Welcome to Your Life Strategy Session with Pink Tiger Lily @ LifeSense.  This is typically an ongoing session to continue sharing your life story, going into depth on some and reviewing others, tapping into childhood traumas and experiences that may still surface in your adult life and to review what is on your mind versus your heart and to get a feel for your current state of being and desires.  It is completely hands off, but both the Coach and the Client sit on the couch opposite one another over a cup of herbal tea or fruit infused water.

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What to expect from your first Life Strategy Session:

  1. Firstly, to drop all expectations, inhibitions, judgements and park any fears outside the door.
  2. To enter into a space of calm and to simply be.
  3. To monitor your thoughts, feelings but to express yourself freely and without judgement.
  4. To surrender to yourself, to the divine plan and true authentic self.
  5. To follow your heart and intuition (sixth sense, gut instinct, etc).
  6. To tap into your innate creativity, inner passions and desires.
  7. To release any negative feelings or emotions that no longer serve you.
  8. To find stillness among the chaos, among the noise and when in tense situations.
  9. To learn to become the creative director of your life but to also observe your feelings, emotions and thoughts.


Life Strategy Session Durations:

  • 45 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours with a 15-min break every hour
  • 3 hours with a 15-min break every hour

Please Note: 45 mins is $58 and the session hourly rate is $81.  There is an option to have the intro session or any ongoing session at the park or in a nature setting by the lake or in the mountains for added inspiration.

Music Therapy may be used as an approach to assist with the guided meditation as part of helping you find stillness and calm so that suppressed emotions can be brought to the surface for processing in a controlled and safe environment.

No more excuses, it’s time for change!  Email Pink Tiger Lily for more information or to set up a Life Strategy Session.