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5 ways in which you can open your heart include:

1. Being true to your feelings and emotions, becoming transparent with your inner thoughts and cravings rather than putting on a front.

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2. Observing and acknowledging the raw emotions for what they are: anger, frustration, worry, resentment, pain, hurt and disrespect – and being able to release them in a controlled fashion (screaming, beating a punching bag, running for miles, banging your fists or pushing against a wall) with a positive outlet so that these suppressed feelings can be released for good never to be seen again.
3. Starting to live from a place of love, good intention, gratitude and abundance.  Transmuting negative thinking, emotions and feelings into positive outlooks e.g. “I hate it when it rains because it makes me gloomy and I can’t go outside to do things” is such a negative and limiting belief that can be changed into “I like it when it rains here because the trees need water to keep it looking lush, on a rain day I can snuggle up on the couch with a warm cup of cocoa and a nice book.”
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4. Start by loving yourself unconditionally, embracing everything about you – physically, mentally and emotionally.  Accepting who you are, what you look like, and changing any flaws or characteristics about you that you are not proud about into something positive – starting from the inside out.  Forgiveness begins with you, and then you can forgive others that have wronged you through remote intentions either in meditation or visualizations.
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5. Now that you love yourself unconditionally, it is up to you to share this unconditional love to your family, friends and social circles as you would a Facebook post.    Give unconditional love and compassion to the next 5 people you see in your life, even random acts of kindness and watch the world around you change from one of chaos to bliss!  Now if anybody out there happens to cross you or upset you by stealing your parking spot or accidentally stepping on your toe, you won’t lose your cool this time because you have learned to control your emotions by raising your consciousness above the drama.

Now you have clarity because you live from the heart and not the mind, you can be the bigger person and just shake it off.  Your angle of perception has become that much wider, almost like a big picture aerial view of the incident, event or scenario.  Looking at the tense situation from 10,000 feet gives it a whole new perspective in the grand scheme of things and in the context of the greater good.

Ask Pink Tiger Lily about how you can begin to open your heart so you can start living authentically from the heart.  It’s time for change!

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