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Dearest Ladies!  Help is at hand at last.  Why not give yourself a much needed loving hug, grab a hot drink and read this post as it could change your life for the better…

There is LIGHT at the end of this VERY LONG DARK TUNNEL – LifeSense has managed to discover a way to overcome Endometriosis or any other female estrogen dominance/auto-immune disorder naturally.

First off it is important to embrace your body, love yourself and find your inner Goddess for you are Venus, a Divine Feminine beauty that was not meant to be suffering in silence like this.

This article is a very personal one close to my heart as I have been a sufferer of the dreaded, debilitating and excruciating condition called Endometriosis since 2006 – yet another chronic pain condition that stems from estrogen dominance thanks to the endocrine disruption from the countless number of xenoestrogens in our food supply, medical and environment.

Some other good news!  Another major breakthrough from LifeSense is the discovery of a new Instant Natural Pain Relief approach by having the Therapist carefully combine Reflexology, Acupressure point release and Manual therapy (Jinshin jujitsu), working together with the Client to ensure specific breathing techniques of inhale, hold, exhale release that target the Yin flow meridians and enable them to open up the channel and flow from the feet upwards, through the pelvic cavity to the heart.
In most cases of estrogen dominance or auto-immune disorder – the Heart,  Liver, Spleen, Kidneys and other major organs are heavily taxed and need additional support from natural supplements and dietary nutrients to function optimally.  Please stay posted for more announcements on this amazing breakthrough brought to you by LifeSense.

Go Beyond Western Medical Information Sites

Many of the self help and medical information sites out there do a great job of outlining the symptoms, challenges and provide reactive solutions to the condition that stem from Western Medicine’s approach to the condition.  It simply suppresses the symptoms but does not address the root cause of the dysfunction.  None really focus on the emotional scarring and physical pain that one has to endure being a “victim” of such a cruel condition.

I continue to refer to it as a “condition” and not a “disease”, and also “the” condition and not “my” condition as it isn’t mine. I wouldn’t wish this condition on anyone, even my worse enemy as the pain is indescribable and comparable to bad child birth where it feels somebody is stabbing you in the front and back and twisting both knives at the same time.

Natural Remedies for Overcoming Endometriosis or any other Estrogen Dominance Condition

The purpose of my article is to outline some natural health remedies and lifestyle changes that can help you overcome endometriosis at least for the 25 days of the month when you are not keeled over in bed. I am passionate about overcoming endometriosis by natural means – and that there is a underlying cure if we just get to the root cause of what may have caused the endometriosis in the first place.

I feel that I have a calling from God that I am supposed to be someone that helps and supports others through this tough dilemma of coming to terms with the debilitating condition of endometriosis. Somewhat of a heartfelt messenger who can empathize and be the voice for the 40% of women out there who have to suffer from this horrible condition in silence and fear. In August 2011, I discovered that 4 people within my circle of friends were suffering from endometriosis – but were always silent about it out of the “stigma” that surrounds such a horrible condition where these women’s partners, family, friends or coworkers/bosses would become unsupportive towards them since it was deemed “that women should be able to handle that level of pain since it is the price we pay for being able to reproduce and therefore have to have periods”.

With such a cruel condition, the following is an 7-point action plan that provides helpful tips on natural ways and lifestyle changes in which one can manage the endometriosis so that it doesn’t take over your life.  I sincerely believe that the body has the ability and intelligence to restore itself back to it’s optimal state of health – if only we can give it the chance to do so.

1. Eat Well and Consume Wholesome Ingredients

For days 5 – 21 of your menstrual cycle, feel free to eat what you like as long as it is made from wholesome ingredients – fresh, organic, not processed, no hormones, no preservatives, etc.  Always ensure that you are consciously eating down to the Balance on your Fork, and taste every bite so that your digestion can get a head start rather than chowing it down so fast that your body can barely keep up.

Yes you can still have those french fries and even coffee – just be aware of what time of the month it is and the source of the ingredient!  Organic, local, artisan and fresh are good ingredients to look for at your local grocery store, farmer’s market or around town.

2. Keep an Active Lifestyle with Regular Exercise

Try to get as much exercise as possible, frequency is more important than the duration of the exercise. A 20 min jog or brisk walk per day will suffice, or even a 1 hr Zumba class or an all body workout 2-3 times a week would be even better!

Sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball and soccer can replace the gym workout for high intensity cardio workouts.  If you are not the sporty or workout kind of person, then find the natural alternatives in nature and get outside – go swimming on a beautiful freshwater lake, get some Vitamin D sun rays by bathing in the sun, go for a bike ride to your neighbouring village, go hiking up or on the mountain or a brisk walk at your local park.

The healing arts of Yoga, pilates, meditation and tai-chi are highly recommended for giving yourself permission to SLOW DOWN and to check in with your body, mind, heart and spirit to ensure your overall wellness and balance.

3. Ask for Help from Your Loved Ones and Friends

Having endometriosis can leave you feeling weak, tired and helpless to the point that you feel like you are a burden to the people around you. Stop. Do not be afraid to ask for help and support from your life partner, significant others, close family or friends. Most likely these people love you for who you are and are more than ready to be of assistance. Even if it is someone to bring you a healthy soup when you are at your worse and bedridden, or that male friend who can dash out to buy some feminine supplies or that special somebody that can nurse you with reflexology or massage treatments while you have your pain days.

You deserve to live a life filled with Love and Joy!  Start honouring your body’s natural rhythms and allow it to begin healing…

4. Remain Positive and Surround Yourself with LOVE and JOY

Always remain positive in life. Don’t let the darkness of stress, anger, tiredness, pride, ego, loneliness or frustration get the better of you.

Keep a positive attitude of gratitude and give compassionate love to people around you.

Let the light of love, freedom and joy shine through you when you are feeling 100% so that it can help pick you up and balance you when you are going through the 5-7 days of hell aka pain.  Being in such pain can have you feeling like you are in a dark and never-ending vacuum – but just remember you are resilient and powerful – you will bounce back from this low spell.  Through mind over matter, you can not let yourself go silently into the night – but instead get ahead of this condition through positive affirmations, acceptance and self-love for every aspect of your being – Physical Body, Thriving Mind, Warm Heart and Radiant Spirit.


  • Sugar
  • Refined Wheat
  • Chocolate
  • Fatty Foods
  • Cheese
  • Some Dairy
  • Red Meat
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol

As of day 21, it would be recommended to be more conscious of the following foods and synthetic hormones that surround certain objects and household tasks

– Cut out caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, chocolate, cheese, some dairy and too much meat. I always found there to be so much irony around cutting out red meat in my diet, since I would need to eat red meat to restore my iron levels in my blood since I have anemia (problem absorbing iron). However, I found a compromise that seems to work for me that doesn’t require me to go without meat completely!  The balance of 80% organic and vegetarian with 20% traces of being a meat eater seems to work for me.  Find what works for your own body, mind and spirit without going into deprivation.

– Be even more aware of xenoestrogens (synthetic estrogen substances) that are released in the following objects and household tasks: warming up plastic containers, microwaving, drinking from a plastic water bottle after it has been left in the car in direct sunlight, cleaning cat litter, inhaling some cleaning chemicals and material, pollution and more.

– Remove any forms of stress, drama or negative influences in your life as it only has negative impact to your body’s balance and overall well being.  Let go of what no longer serves you when it comes to people, food, places, possessions and thoughts!

6. Use Natural Alternatives for Pain Management Before, During and After your Moon Cycle

Mother Nature offers many healing properties in the form of plant-based remedies, healing herbs, essential oils, spices and natural supplements.  Some of the herbs and plants that are particularly effective for regulating estrogen dominance include: DIM, Chasteberry, Turmeric, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Evening Primerose Oil, Wild Yam Cream, Lavender.

DIM aka Diindolylmethane is a compound derived from the digestion of indole-3-carbinol, found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale.  It is highly effective in regulating the Estrogen Balance in your body and allowing your body to detox and release the excess synthetic estrogens that may enter your bloodstream through external forces.  DIM actually does wonders for managing the symptoms of Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Fibroids or PCOS.

I have been able to replace OTC drugs with Turmeric Tea which is a major breakthrough since my body tends to literally reject any synthetic chemicals in Advil, Tylenol, Anti-Histamines or Contraceptive Pill.  I can literally feel the endocrine disruption to my system happen by tuning into my body’s feelings, rhythms and intricate pulses.


7. Prepare for the 5-Day Prison and Equip your Bedside

Ok so your period has come and it’s going to be one of those difficult months of excruciating pain that has you in a vacuum, a prisoner in your own body and all you want is to be able to see the light at the end of this painful and lonely time.  Perhaps you can take a different mind set on it being a Prison by turning it into a Relaxing Retreat for Rejuvenation.  Let LifeSense help you with some emergency tips so that you can handle the pain that is taking over your body and effecting your mind, heart and soul too!

  • Bring on the heating pads, hot bead socks, hot water bottle or hot moon pillow that can be cradled between your legs! Place these heat sources on your lower back, pelvic area, upper thighs and abdomen area as needed.
  • Have some ice cool pads readily available in case you just want to numb out the painful area.
  • Have some simple snack foods at hand so you can eat something when you need to take the painkillers every 4-6 hours. Crackers, soup, congee, toast, casserole and the like would be excellent ways to refuel you when you are weak, and to also help you absorb the painkiller.
  • Remember to relax, breathe properly, meditate and if you can do some light exercise to stretch your lower back and keep your pelvic area from seizing up with muscle tension. One exercise I find helpful is to have an exercise ball by your bedside, so that you can sit on it and perform hip rotating exercises – this will help mobilize the lower back and pelvic areas so that the bad postraglandins can be reduced and neutralized by the natural endorphins.
  • I know I find it difficult to even concentrate on watching a movie, to read a book or even check my emails as the pain sometimes throws you into a cold fever, migraine, nausea and is simply debilitating. However, if you can have your favorite movie, TV show or a novel that you can read to take your mind off the pain. Otherwise simply try to sleep it off and just pray for the next 24-48 hrs to be over as soon as possible.

Remember you can overcome this naturally, and you don’t need to have invasive surgeries every 2 years for the rest of your life.

love shines


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