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Life gets so busy it’s quite easy to forget these two 5 letter words – R E L A X and U N W I N D.

If you don’t take the time to put yourself first for a change, to unwind properly after a hard day at that demanding job, or to find some time for yourself away from your children and the day-to-day mundane tasks.  You may find that these errands that you run to sustain your living and keep your household afloat may end up running over you, steam-rolling and overwhelming you with physically, emotionally and mentally stress, which would then make your health and well-being suffer.

Life was meant to thrive with infinite possibilities and continuous dynamic journeys thanks to the source of life being the creator.

Life is meant to be one continuous journey filled with countless adventures, lessons and discoveries so that each experience can inspire and allow us to grow dynamically and evolve our spiritual depth and cultural understanding about humanity, its place on the planet Mother Earth, and her place in the wider universe and cosmic galaxies.

Life is not meant to be a drag, tedious, boring or difficult – quite the opposite in fact, it should be a never-ending joy.  We are blessed with the gift of life, and with the ability to give and receive compassionate love to one another so that we can  get to know the different cultures, religions, creeds, lifestyles and cuisines of one another to increase our spiritual and cultural awareness as humans beings sharing this wonderful planet that has so much fruitful wonders, cultures, sights and sounds to explore and discover.

The world is changing for the better.  With no more false scarcity of natural resources and life’s necessities for shelter, food, oil and land.  Instead a life filled with abundance, peace, love, unity and fun-filled adventure.  Sometimes as individuals we need to stop and pause for a few minutes to reflect on everything around you, and to look inside of yourself as to what it is you desire, your innate passions and natural born desire to travel, to be free and to ride the wind wherever it may take you because you truly are a free soul in an Earth body.  The Earth is your playground, filled with such natural beauty, pristine blue lakes, magnificent mountains and luscious forests that go on for miles.

Remember your job title, your status or label does not define you – but really that hidden spice for life that yearns to get out and be free, to relax and literally unwind your true nature.  Traveling helps us all open our eyes and broaden our horizons.  Self-discovery and reflection is about finding the time to be still, meditate or carefully think and listen to the voice within.  These kittens know exactly what it means to relax and unwind, if we observe their carefree nature, relaxing and chilled attitude to life for living in the moment, we would begin to enjoy the present time without worrying about our past and future circumstances.

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