LifeSense claims that:

“Wellness is about achieving harmony and balance between Body, Mind, Heart (because it does have its own conscious energy field) and Spirit.”

wellness mandala

Wellness pertains to one’s overall well-being when it comes to a body that is in optimal health, a mind that is in a peaceful state and an inner spirit that unleashes it’s full creative potential.

  • A Body that is in Balance enables one to be physically free from any pain, ache, ailment or discomfort.  Therefore, enabling one to achieve overall wellness as long as the other two areas of Mind and Spirit are also in Harmony.
  • A Mind that is in Balance enables one to be mentally free from any worry, financial strain, social pressure or negative thoughts that are ultimately beyond their sphere of influence.
  • A Heart that is in Balance enables one to be authentically happy, in touch with their true feelings and not concerned about the feelings and judgement thoughts of other people.
  • A Spirit that is in Balance enables one to be inspired by feelings and intuition, living in the moment, embracing and thriving one’s life energy – which leaves them open to infinite possibilities, going beyond one’s fearful limitations and seizing the innate creative spirit within for love of life itself and those of others around them.

Tips and tag lines for attaining Body, Mind and Spirit Balance?

For the Body:

healthy eating, exercising, being in nature, balanced lifestyle, stress-free, massage therapy, relaxing, ensuring vitality, optimal health, functional movement, range of motion, pain-free limbs and body parts, beauty treatments, sleeping well and doing things in moderation.

Mind Body Spirit

For the Mind:

no more needless worry, avoiding stressful encounters, remaining calm in tense situations, not reacting to negative drama, rising above challenging situations, keeping the mind active and evolving through critical thinking, strategic planning and ensuring that the mind and the heart work together in making life-changing decisions.


For the Spirit:

following your dreams, creative potential, reciprocal love for yourself and of those around you, opening your heart, showing empathy, sharing emotions with others, uplifting energies and tapping into the universal life force.