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A diamond ring, a $1,000,000,000 or a pot of gold?

None of these monetary values can even compete to the real worth of a woman.

The softer, fairer and gentle sex from Venus is exactly that, the Divine Feminine Goddess of Beauty and Love.   A woman is nature’s example of true divine beauty, both inside and out, the Yin balance of loving, compassionate, calm, cool, curvy, precious, desirable and timeless.

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Did you know that many women in today’s society do not consider themselves worthy of love, worthy to be treated as an equal to men in society and in the workplace, and most of all worthy to begin accepting and loving themselves.  Women are severely under appreciated in the home, in society and in the workplace – so it’s about time for women to reclaim and own their divine feminine greatness!  For YOU ARE ENOUGH!

As humans, YOU are your own worst enemy and as women, you are your most lethal critique when it comes to scrutinizing yourself for not being enough, judging yourself for not being smart enough or punishing yourself for not being skinny enough.

Since when did people’s opinions, thoughts and words matter more than your own true feelings, became more important than your own cravings, or ruled over your own true desires and steamrolled your own needs?

It’s time to BREAK THAT PATTERN of feeling unworthy, unloved and undeserving, quit the blame game of shame as you have punished yourself for far too long already!

How about those women that repeatedly keep getting involved with the wrong kind of guys that do not man up and treat you with the tender love and care that you seek.  If this seems to be a trend in your life, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your own self worth, how you treat yourself and whether or not you feel that you are worthy.

Know that you are worthy?  You are LOVE.  You are here to be loved and to give love unconditionally.  And that you are worth it.  You are enough!

Above all you must Love Yourself and Accept Yourself for all that you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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If you continue to feel depressed, hopeless or unworthy because you are drowning in your own fear, anger, regret, worry and resentment from a past hurt, childhood trauma or unresolved conflict – please remember that FORGIVENESS is the LIBERATION OF THE SOUL.

Sometimes, when the darkness is overwhelming you it is hard to see the light of hope, love, peace and joy – but it’s all about changing your mindset, shifting your perspective from a fearful, limited and regretful lacking one to a loving, expansive and gratitude of abundance.

It is important to live your life from a place of gratitude, love and abundance and not resentment, hatred and scarcity.  Be grateful for your many blessings in your life, for every new day that you wake up, for the clean air that you breathe, for your baby’s smiling face and for the beauty that surrounds you in nature and in other living beings.


Sometimes, Music can help bring back the love into your life.  For when you let the music die in your house, the love is lost.  Through a combination of Music Therapy and Life Strategic Coaching, Nurture with Music and LifeSense can help you heal your life and restore the balance to your body, mind, heart and spirit.

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