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You know that saying that “life got too busy that I forgot to breathe” or that “life escaped you so much that you missed your best friend’s wedding day” or those day-to-day petty dramas that got the better of you.  Life can leave you steamrolled and depleted, hence it is important to check in with your body, mind and spirit to ensure that you are on track and living your happy life path.

Tune in to yourself.  Listen to your body.  Quiet your mind.  Check in with your inner spirit.


Are You Feeling Out of Balance?

Are you tired of having to cancel on that quality time with your elderly mother, or of you crashing into bed at 8pm on that Friday night when you could be out having memorable fun with friends.

Or even worse stumbling at the grocery store, spraining your ankle on the sidewalk or having that road accident because you didn’t check blind spot because you were in such a hurry in that parking lot.

Something is out of balance on a cellular level internally and it’s not just you losing your balance when falling down on the street, or you crashing on to the bed from over exhaustion on a Saturday afternoon when you should be doing errands.


A detox goes beyond just the physical or dietary detox or eliminating certain foods, chemicals and synthetic substances from your diet.

It also speaks to detoxing topically as in what you put on your skin in terms of hygienic products, cosmetics and more.

Another form of detox is mentally, being mindful of your thoughts and feelings to ensure that you remain in a positive frame of mind and with clarity of clear and conscious living.  A detox also includes the type of people you surround yourself with, and ensuring that their energy and spirit inspires and uplifts you rather than drains you.  Detoxing emotionally also means finding peace with unresolved past hurts, issues and trauma that have not been properly processed and released.  These emotional karmic debt can accumulate into dis-ease physically or mentally.

It’s Time to Detox and Restore the Balance in Your Life

Restoration of the Body

It’s time to Eat Clean, Organic and Wholesome Food. 

Stop rushing with the fast food, those techy lunches and missed meals.  You are what you eat as it effects your body on a cellular level.  Eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself of those treats and indulgences but instead being conscious about your choices of nutrition to ensure a portion balanced and colorful plate is key, and that all food groups are covered at every meal time and that the natural and essential minerals are consumed where possible.  A nutrient dense meal is crucial to your body’s optimal health and the functioning of your biological systems, rhythms and blood circulation.


Remember HYDRATION is key, as well as getting good restful and rejuvenating sleep.

A DETOX does not mean depriving your body of any food or drink.  Cleansing diets are way too aggressive on your body that it is important to know what you are “detoxing from” so that you can eat/do not eat certain foods, ingredients and chemicals for that given timeframe or permanently.  In most cases, detoxing requires diligence, discipline and focus when eliminating those triggering foods and inflammation reactions.

It is important not to starve while taking other food supplements or probiotic cultures that help clean out your gut, your intestinal flora and therefore detox the bacteria cultures in your digestive system.  One product that can help the detoxing process is Vita Biosa.

Visit Sweetgrass Naturals in Fort Langley for organic and natural products that cleanse the body, mind, spirit and your space.

It is important to know the properties and effects of the foods you eat based on the time of day, time of month or your varying stress levels.  The central nervous system and digestive system work together when it comes to digesting the enzymes, nutrients and mineral substances effectively.

A DETOX doesn’t just refer to what you consume internally or digest but also what you put on your skin, topical creams, soaps, gels as well as what your hands touch.

Refueling the Clarity of the Mind

It’s Time to Clear Your Mind and Cleanse your Thought Patterns.  Detox and restore the clarity in your mind from the automatic media programming into more authentic creative thinking and living your truth path.

It’s time to clear your mind from all that noise, day-to-day dramas, brain fog and fatigue that can bombard your head sending you into an overwhelming spin of mental stress and torment.

A detox for the mind includes mindful exercises including conscious breathing, square breathing, meditation, prayer, introspection, inner voice, obtaining insights, precognition and use of intuition.  Being able to find stillness in the mind is a challenge with the amount of mental media distraction in western society and especially when in a bustling city centre.


It is important to find your solitude in a beautiful panoramic vista, natural viewpoint or to immerse yourself in nature so that you can just be in the present moment to find that stillness regardless of time and space.

Unleash your Inner Spirit and Authentic You from the Heart

It’s time to open your heart and find your freedom to love unconditionally and top tap into your spirit.  It’s time to embrace your inner spirit and begin being your creative potential.


It is important to love, accept and forgive yourself unconditionally through your body, mind and spirit.  When there is nothing blocking you emotionally your spirit can be unleashed to be free to express itself organically and authentically without fear of judgment from others.

“Everyone needs some form of healing from the inside out.”

It is crucial that you find your happy place both internally and physically.  Where you can be at peace, find your inner peace, love and light.  Once you find your inner peace, you are able to open and expand your positive energy of love, peace and light to guide others to their happy place and creative potential.

Visit Sweetgrass Naturals in Fort Langley for organic and natural products that cleanse the body, mind, spirit and your space.

Allow yourself to simply be in the moment.  To sit in silence and literally check in with your body, mind and heart feelings.

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